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Automotive Bearings Catalogue

Application Form
Dimension Table
Cross Reference
Version: 2007.09
Among the categories of Bearings, the most significant one is the automotive bearings, which is the achievement of more than 4 years' hard working, research and development of HMEC. We present to you this new Automotive Bearings Catalogue as an additional edition to General Bearings Catalogue.
HMEC Wheel Hub Units Brief List 2007.pdf (282KB)
HMEC Wheel Hub Units Catalogue 2007.pdf (9.71MB)
HMEC Auto Bearings Catalogue Cover.pdf (412KB)
HMEC Belt Tensioner Bearings 2007.pdf (1,135KB)
HMEC Clutch Release Bearings 2007.pdf (4,928KB)
HMEC Wheel Bearings 2007.pdf (670KB)
HMEC Wheel Bearing Kits 2007.pdf (677KB)

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